Thursday, March 20, 2008

The ACC Wall: dedicated to Sir Arthur C Clarke…

Dear Friends, Earthlings and ET’s (as Arthur would often say),

After completing 90 orbits around the Sun, Sir Arthur rests in peace; perhaps now enjoying wandering in space or spending time with the dinosaurs he used to dream of. His passing was a great loss to all of us around the world. Although his personal odyssey here on Earth is now over, his unparalleled vision of the future will lives on through his writing; and will inspire many generations to come.

The” ACC Wall” blog is dedicated to Sir Arthur Clarke (1917 – 2008). I kindly request all his friends, admirers and fans to write your condolence messages or notes of appreciation on to this “ACC Wall” as a comment.

He will always live through our hearts and souls.

Clear Skies

Thilina Heenatigala
General Secretary
Sri Lanka Astronomical Association
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

e: thilina_atn @

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